Smart Start Package

Newbies to Pilates

So you are new to Pilates & would like to get up and moving the Pilates Lane Way? This Smart Start Package is the perfect cost effective and most efficient way to accomplish just that!

the cost is $256 and you receive ....

3 Private one-on-one Appointments


1 Group Reformer Class 

You will learn about the various pieces of pilates Equipment, a selection of the main Exercises and any modifications/ progressions which may be advised for your individual body.  Then the choice is yours to continue with group classes and/or appointments.


Build Strength & Flexibility

Walking into any Pilates studio and seeing the springs, chains and ropes can be daunting! Believe me, these pieces of equipment are not difficult to master. With control, concentration and centering the mind & body, the Pilates Equipment helps in assisting a full-body workout.


Walk Taller & Feel oh so much Better!

The Reformer looks like a hospital bed... because that’s what Joe Pilates modeles it on! The platform rolls and resistance is provided by your body weight, attached springs and gravity. More springs usually for leg Exercises and lighter springs for abs & arms. The body Is safely aligned and any body imbalance is addressed. The Reformer helps stretch & strengthen without creating bulk or stress in the body.