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Pilates Lane Classes

Our 55-minute small group classes take pilates to a whole new level! No two class are ever exactly the same. You evolve and so does your class.  We keep the brilliance of Pilates movement principles but our routines change to keep you motivated, energised & challenged. 

Pilates Lane Policies

Pilates Lane Policies

We want your time with us to be exceptional and that comes with a few rules...so please read 👍

  • Before your 1st class please sign our waiver
  • Please don’t ask for exceptions on our 24-hour (private/semi-private) and 12-hour (Group Class) cancellation policy
  • Classes are non-transferable, not shareable(we do have a family share policy). Packages have a 6 or 12-months expiry from the date of purchase.
  • Full Payment must be made when booking your session. 
  • Late cancels and/or no shows on all Unlimited Packages will automatically incur a $25 charge to the credit card on file.....no exceptions.
  • So please be on time & turn that cellphone OFF... it’s a phone free zone! 
  • We love animals but the studio isn’t suitable for them.
  • Instructors are subject to change at any time & with no advance notice.
  • All sales are final, no exceptions

What are YOU saying about Pilates Lane?

PilatesLane Genuine Client Reviews.....

Ron San Jose : “Taking classes with Linda was my first introduction to Pilates in 2014...I am completely sold!  Pilates Lane pushes  students to their limits but in a way that is caring and compassionate.  Workouts  are fun with lots of enthusiasm.“

P.M Los Gatos: “This studio is amazing, with all new equipment ... truly solid full

spectrum of beautiful reformers, Wunda Chairs, arcs,blades, orbits.. everything! My group has also taken classes with some of the other instructors

at pilates Lane they are equally delightful.  I wholeheartedly recommend Pilates Lane to anyone who is thinking of trying Pilates.”

A.W- Los Gatos “As a tennis pro teaching on the court I need core work, stretching and strengthening. Pilates Lane offers all the above in Linda’s delightful studio. The classes are fast moving and there is an huge array of exercises to help keep you focused. I highly recommend booking a group or private lesson soon as this is the bay areas best kept secret in the world of Pilates.”

Dr. J.B ...”these instructors do an outstanding job!  They really work you hard with absolutely appropriate technique.  Highly recommended!”

L. C. Cupertino...” Linda is an amazing instructor. Beyond Pilates she is trained for rehabilitation & easily makes necessary modifications for exercises to ensure they are most beneficial to her clients. Because of this her clients trust her which enables her to progress her clients to where they are able to go... even before they realize it! Linda has now opened an amazing studio where she can share her experience and expand her offerings. She has set a standard Pilates & Fitness for her instructors, her clients.. and it’s a high standard..”

Price List

Cancelation Required at least 12 hours before regular class &24-hrs before private appointments.